about the owner.


hello beautiful hoomans + welcome to the pop! shop!
i am the owner and creator of this small business based in rochester, ny - home of the "garbage plate" and the oh so crazy yet passionate buffalo bills fans! i started this business in december '19 after years of having the passion and creative drive, but not the confidence. 
after a few short weeks in business, i received so much love and support from my community and those who decided to join my little shop's online journey (big ups to all my instagram fam on @popshopjewelry!) i knew i had to keep going! 
alongside running my shop, i work full time in the mental health field with young people. as a woman of color who struggles with depression and anxiety, I feel blessed being able to work alongside those struggling with it as well. i am also a woman in recovery, and am always willing to share my story with those who are dealing with issues along those lines. :)
  with each piece, i aspire to make women not only feel beautiful inside and out, but to serve as a reminder to all people that no matter what your personal situation may be - you can do whatever you put your mind to, as long as you put your all into it, mama!